The First Padel Interactive Scoreboard

with customized statistics



Paddeo is the first interactive scoreboard for padel with real time, customized game stats

  • Game Settings

    • Either from the app or through the web
    • Optional game settings per sets or per time
  • User sign-up and game stats

    • Results and follow-up
    • Customized statistics
  • Game score control

    • From the players’ electronic wrist tags
    • User friendly and intuitive
  • Dashboard for monitoring courts in use

    • Real time monitoring
    • One-screen visualization for all active scoreboards
  • Advertising platform

    • 100% managable by the club
    • Multiple ads options and formats
  • 43″ Screen Oled technology and 178º of visual angle
  • 64 bits Quad-Core Microcontroller
  • Receiver and transmitter for game control and data transmission
  • wifi connectivity


Let your customers just play


Game control

It allows to control the scoring and the timing of the game in a simple way, avoiding delays



The players receive customised game stats after playing.


Loyalty tool

Build your members' loyalty with personalised deals and attract new customers who've already played at your faciliities.


Court and Event Management

Monitor various courts from a single screen, set your games from the dashboard and e-mail the results


Internal Communication Channel

Communicate the club's deals and services during the game on the screen


Advertising Platform

Offer your sponsors an additional channel with segmentation possibilities and attract new partners


Can the scoreboard be used outdoors?

This particular model is not thought to be used outdoors. We do have alternative solutions that allow an optimal visualization outdoors. Should you require further information on alternative products, please contact us.

Can I use Paddeo with a different screen to the original one?

Paddeo is sold together with the screen, as it is the optimal solution for a proper visualization of the scoreboard. Nevertheless, if you already have your own screens, please contact us and we will consider your particular needs.

How do I install Paddeo at the court?

Paddeo scoreboards are meant to be installed above the central part of the court fence, over the access gate, with a specific that can be adapted in case of particular needs.

Can I use the scoreboard without being connected to the internet?

Paddeo scoreboards have autonomy to work offline, with limited functionalities, though. The players shall be able to control the score from their writst tags; on the other hand, it will not be possible to set the timing and players names. Game stats will not be sent either once finalised.

Can the wrist tags be used with several scoreboards indistinctively?

No, each wrist tag is linked to one particular scoreboard and cannot be used with any other.

What shall I do if the scoreboard is not working properly?

If, during a game, the scoreboard does not work propoerly or shows any errors, please contact our technical service.


What is the App for?

The Paddeo App is a tool provided for the players to easily set the game with their smartphone at the court.

Once signed up (in less than 2 minutes), players details can be registered, add friends, select time or sets game mode, check playing records, results, stas, etc.

Do I need to previously sign up?

Signing up is not a requirement to use Paddeo.

We do recommend to sign up in order to get gmae results, stats, etc.

In case you haven’t sign up, the scoreboard will show “Team 1” and “Team 2” as a generic naming for the teams and the game stats will not be sent to the central database.

What happens if the users forget their password?

In case a registered player forgets the password, a new one shall automatically generated by simply tapping on “Recover password”, and sent per e-mail.

Game code

To ensure no false data or games are created, once at the court, the player shall initiate the process by clicking one of the wrist tags. The scoreboard will then show a random code to be used within 15 minutes.

To finish the game set up through the APP, the code must be entered for validation, preventing from fake games.

What happens if my code expires before entering it?

If the game has not been set within 15 minutes, the scoreboard will stand by, allowing to initiate the process again, showing a new code to set up the game.

What happens once the game has finished?

Once the game is finished, either per sets or per time, an e-mail is automatically sent to each player with the game stats.

Any game stats can also be consulted through the App.

Can I set up the game with my friends?

It is possible to add any friend who is already registered in Paddeo’s database through the App.

If it is a new user that is not registered yet, you can play together by enering name and e-mail. Once the game is finished, they will receive an e-mail with the game stats together with an invite to sign up.

What can I do from the clubs' backend tool?

From Paddeos online tool, the club can manage all the scoreboards installed at their facilities.

  • Manage the advertising to be shown in each scoreboard.
  • Set up games from desktop or tablet.
  • Real time visualization of all courts (eg. Bar TV)
  • Statistics per court / customer.

What kind of advertising can I show on the screen?

From the advertising tool, several images can be inserted in three different areas.

  • With the scoreboard on stand-by mode and with no players.
  • During the game, the image changes with every game start.
  • Every change of sides (30 second visibility).

Each scoreboard rules its own advertising and is fully customizable

Can I see all games real-time?

In the occasion of a championship, all court scores may be shown on any screen (eg. at the bar/restaurant), with a HDMI cable connected to a TV.

How much is the software?

The Paddeo management tool is free; there are, though, monthly fees for the service. Please contact us for further details.


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